Organisational Structure

Williamstown Rental Housing Co-operative (WRHC) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides affordable, secure, quality housing for low income earners. It is governed by its members under the rules of its Constitution and the Department of Health and Human Services Regulatory Framework.

WRHC has a board of seven directors, including a chairperson and a secretary. One of the seven directors is an independent member of the community while the remaining six are all tenants of WRHC. The directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Board has the overall responsibility for ensuring the WRHC is governed and managed effectively in accordance with the WRHC’s policies and principles. WRHC also employs a part time housing worker and financial administrator.



WRHC has five sub-committees that provide greater oversight of organisational activities and encourage participation by the general membership. The sub-committees are accountable to the Board of Directors.

They include:

The Cyclical Maintenance Committee
The Finance and Administration Committee
The Small Group Maintenance Committee
The Tenant Selection Committee
The Small Group Co-ordinators